Research Structure

Crafting a Research Topic

The lecture notes is a summary on how to craft a workable research topic.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this instruction, you should be able to:

    • Craft a workable research topic
    • Develop research objectives for the research topic
    • Formulate research questions from the research objectives

The attributes of a feasible research topic can be outlined as:

Relevance of Your Topic
    • Does the research topic match your career goals? Do you have personal interest in the topic, such that it can be sustained f
      or the research duration?
    • Is the topic relevant to your life and something with which you are really fascinated?
    • Will your proposed research be able to provide fresh insights in this topic?
    • Are you able to state your research objectives and questions clearly?
    • Is the research topic achievable within the available time and financial resources?
Basic Background Checks on Your Topic
    • Choose a topic on which you can find material (sufficient details). For example, are you reasonably certain of being able to gain access to data you likely require for this topic?
    • Are there any previous works on your topic?
    • Does your topic contain issues that have a clear link to any theory?
    • Use search engines to search for keywords and central ideas on your topic.
    • Create a bibliography of all sources you consult.
Defining the Scope of Your Topic

a.  Is it too broad or too general? Else, you can be assured of overwhelming amount of details (data) to focus on? Is it too narrow, too specific? Else, you may have very little data or information to work with

b.  You might refocus your topic from general to specific topic and vice versa by adding or eliminating the following points:

    • Craft a workable research topic
    • Time period – year, century, era, future, etc.
    • Population – male, female, nationality, age, etc.
    • Location – country, region, environmental, etc.
    • Characteristics – social, cultural, biographical, etc.

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